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+ How do our staff use the pods?

This is up to you, but we recommend a short rest of no longer than 15-20 minutes each day per employee. We recommend that a booking system for each pod is set-up using Outlook, allowing employees to book themselves a rest slot in advance.

+ Sizes, weight etc?

Technical details of each pod can be found on the specific page for that pod.

+ Where are they made?

Our pods are hand assembled by a highly skilled team in our workshop in London, from components made in the UK. We have a showroom and visitors are very welcome by prior appointment.

+ Temperature in the pod? Air Conditioning?

The internal temperature is set by the environment in which the pod is kept. Thus a pod in a room is at the temperature of that room. It is not necessary to fit air conditioning because of the ventilation gaps but if the room is air conditioned then the pod is likewise.

+ Soundproof?

Pods are not made soundproof because of ventilation and health and safety requirements relating to external building alarms. However they do deaden sound somewhat.

+ Colour Choices?

The Premium Pod comes with a choice of fifteen mattress colours and two end cap colours to suit your environment. The Standard Pod is available in the stock colours shown. Please refer to the individual pod pages for further information.

+ Claustrophobia?

We hardly ever get a problem with this, partly because the pods are so spacious internally and partly because there is adequate ventilation meaning the unit is not 'sealed'.

+ Safety?

Pod components have good fire retardant properties and we also have an expert opinion report available on this subject. It is important to remember that a pod is a piece of furniture not a small room and thus Health and Safety issues such as smoke and fire alarms must be addressed and covered by the environment in which the pod is kept.

+ Cost and Delivery?

The price of a particular pod depends on the pod type and the numbers ordered, but give us this information and we will give you an instant answer. We carry stock, and if stock is available pods can be despatched quickly, otherwise we suggest a maximum lead time of 6-8 weeks (plus shipping time), although this is usually less. All our products flat pack onto a standard 1m x 1.2m shipping pallet, so can be shipped globally. We can assist in providing shipping quotations to your location.

+ What similar products are on the market?

Without naming them similar products fall broadly into two categories - the small room and the adjustable chair. Whilst both do the job to one degree or another both are considerably more expensive and neither is truly a cocoon type pod for undisturbed rest.

+ What about hygiene, cleanliness and odours?

Pods are naturally ventilated to allow a through flow of air. The mattresses are upholstered using high quality contract grade materials, which can be cleaned if required. We recommend occasionally cleaning the shell of the pod to limit dust, as you would any other piece of furniture.

+ Why can't I find Podtime in the companies registry?

Simple. We do trade as "Podtime" but our legal name is "Working House Ltd" and you should have no problem finding us on the official company registry website, the official one in the UK being Companies House.