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About us


As the original rest pod manufacturer, Podtime has successfully shipped pods to over 20 different countries worldwide.

Jon Gray, Founder & Designer Podtime

Jon Gray – Founder and Designer

Technically astute, Jon is a Design Engineer by heart with a City background. After researching the multiple health benefits of taking a short rest during the working day, Jon set about designing pods that would help facilitate this in a busy environment, and Podtime was born. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength to become a leading proponent of rest in the workplace to enhance corporate wellbeing.

Paul Grindrod, Director at Podtime

Paul Grindrod – Director

Paul is energetic and imaginative, and very experienced in both large corporate and SME businesses in the UK and Europe, particularly in the fields of hotels, pubs and bars, and restaurants. Paul was the first investor in Podtime and together with Jon built the business to where it is today, with a glittering corporate client list and global sales as far reaching as Antarctica. Paul has owned and operated over two dozen different businesses.

David Vignalou, Director at Podtime

David Vignalou - Director

David comes from a seasoned professional background in finance and is a passionate advocate of power napping. As the second investor in Podtime, David helps with route to market strategy, financial analysis and leverages his network to help drive the company forward. David has a good knowledge of the UK and European corporate world and the office wellness environment. He is a native French speaker and is fluent in Spanish.

All of our pods are made by our dedicated manufacturing team in the UK, they are all flat-packed on pallets for ease of delivery and are quickly assembled from the comprehensive instructions provided.

We’re happy to give our help and advice because we are by now very experienced in different types of installation and usage, from office pods to hospitals to universities to sports teams. We’re always interested to see what kind of projects are around the corner and we’re also open to talk with potential new distributors with a proven track record.

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