What we do


Podtime sells rest. We do this by offering a range of pods for a wide variety of applications, from offices to airports, hostels to hospitals, festivals to events, but all of them share certain characteristics.

They all offer you a sanctuary for rest in privacy and security, in your otherwise busy environment. Their simplicity of design blends fresh and roomy space with superior comfort and practicality. Imagine using a pod for a power nap, a short chill-out, a thinking space or indeed a full overnight sleep, either way a pod will do the job.


Made in the UK from robust materials pods are easy to assemble and to break-down. These materials make them easy to clean and easy to maintain. They flat-pack so are easy to store and easy to transport.

Our pods give you good value for money for a first class, high quality product. They are easy to customise whether in terms of internal electronics or external colours and branding so can be made to your own particular specifications.

Rest. Easy.

Example Clients: