"We have found the pods to be very useful in that they give us a sanctuary when a bit of peace and quiet is needed to think something through."

Allen Doherty
Principal Development Scientist, Nestle

"I could happily fall asleep in here."

Stephen Fry
Presenter, Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

"The Pods are a triumph, since you installed them we have been fully booked, so much so that we haven't even seen them yet..... People are booking the flat solely to stay in them!!!"

Karl Wood
Central London Flat (Holiday Let) Owner

"I have had an excellent experience working with Podtime while setting up a 50 pod hotel in Moscow. The pods as a product are very well designed and had the aesthetic that we were looking for in our modern stylised hotel, at a much better price than any competitors. The pods offer our guests comfort, privacy and security without costing them a great deal. The Podtime team even flew out to Moscow to help us with the setup. I look forward to working with Podtime again in future."

Oleg Churyumov
Director, Smart Hotels Russia

"Perseus are enthusiastic advocates of Podtime having our own sleep pods deployed at our New York City datacentre accessible to customers, engineers and technicians working on critical operations that power key components of the global financial market infrastructure. We found the benefits of rest are fundamentally beneficial as seen in use cases in datacentres as well as remote areas where engineers are out for periods of time working on our networks that meet at sub-marine fibre optic cable landing stations or near our microwave/wireless towers. At Perseus we’ve won awards for our innovative approach, and in Podtime we saw such a similar culture to our own that we are now the distributor of pods in North and South America. They offer an original solution to the need for rest in an otherwise busy environment and we are much encouraged by the interest shown in them here.”

Andrew Kusminsky,
Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, Perseus Telecom

"We have been very pleased indeed with our dealings with Podtime, because besides being delighted with the pod product - spacious and comfortable - and the service from the company we also had a great deal of media exposure on the back of the fact that we were a very early client and there was a lot of interest in what we were doing. Having Podtime on board has helped us to reinforce our commitment to ensuring we can deliver to our customers 24/7."

Alex Mason
Senior Customer Implementation Manager, Interxion

"Podtime and napping; this is definitely the way forward. As technology continues to develop at warp speed, we find ourselves increasingly limited in terms of how much information we are able to process on a moment by moment basis. The human brain, as sophisticated as might seem, is still developing its capacity to deal with the volume of incoming information traffic that we have to handle in our daily lives. I see the effects of this in my professional and clinical work as loss of productivity, insomnia, burnout and other serious health problems. Enlightened individuals and organisations will increasingly have to look for clever ways of going 'offline' in order to optimise productivity, health and wellness. Maybe businesses will even start to see that this is where a competitive advantage may lie."

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan
Author 'Tired but Wired'
(Souvenir Press Ltd, June 2010)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the service provided during our order. From order to dispatch and installation the service provided was exceptional. The Pods installed are well manufactured, solid and functional and when not in use can be easily dismantled quickly and stored away. The personalisation service is also fantastic adding branded look to the Pods, by means of logos and colour choice, a great cost effective design."

Jay Vaghela
Building Surveyor, Telehouse

"I did not expect such a pleasant setting for such a good price in the center of Moscow. Special attention should be given to the capsules - they are brilliant! You can sleep without fear of what will disturb you, you can leave your valuables in the capsule and go for a walk, and you can get complete isolation from other residents during sleep! In general, I am very happy!"

Nadia from Canada, Moscow Podtel Guest,
September 2013

"There is ample room widthways to fit me, my two bags (small rucksack and sports holdall), and my laptop. In terms of height, there is slightly more room than that provided by a standard-sized bunk bed. The small shelf is handy to keep my phone on. Overall, the pod does not feel cramped, but rather cosy. The two side lights provided are fine to navigate by, and do not wake up other guests in the room because the light is contained in the pods. I could hear people moving around in the other pods however it wasn't distracting, and was muffled compared to the usual noise in a standard shared dorm.
Overall, we both enjoyed our stay in the pods, which were much nicer than a normal bunk and would happily stay in them again. "

Billie and Heather Maufe,
YHA Borrowdale, Lake District, December 2012

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