Podtime Case Studies


Podtime at London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange asked us to set-up a pod installation as a napping facility since they typically have staff working around the clock. They became aware that during long work schedules a 20 minute nap can be re-vitalizing and help their staff to remain alert ...

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Interxion Datacentre

Interxion are an international datacentre provider that requires staff to be onsite 24/7, so pods serve as part of their ridged contingency planning. Datacentres host many important and well known websites so must keep running at all times ...

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Cofely GDF Suez

Cofely GDF Suez is a major multinational operating in the field of power supply engineering. Podtime installed a number of pods for the use of their technicians in a very large prestige project the company has underway in London ...

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"Podtime and napping; this is definitely the way forward. As technology continues to develop at warp speed, we find ourselves increasingly limited in terms of how much information we are able to process on a moment by moment basis. The human brain, as sophisticated as might seem, is still developing its capacity to deal with the volume of incoming information traffic that we have to handle in our daily lives. I see the effects of this in my professional and clinical work as loss of productivity, insomnia, burnout and other serious health problems. Enlightened individuals and organisations will increasingly have to look for clever ways of going 'offline' in order to optimise productivity, health and wellness. Maybe businesses will even start to see that this is where a competitive advantage may lie."

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan - Author 'Tired but Wired' (Souvenir Press Ltd, June 2010)


"I just wanted to say thank you for the service provided during our order. From order to dispatch and installation the service provided was exceptional. The Pods installed are well manufactured, solid and functional and when not in use can be easily dismantled quickly and stored away. The personalisation service is also fantastic adding branded look to the Pods, by means of logos and colour choice, a great cost effective design."

Jay Vaghela - Building Surveyor, Telehouse