About Us

Jon Gray

Like many new concepts Podtime pods evolved over a period of time before arriving at the stage of development you see today.

Jon Gray, an engineering graduate who had worked long hours in the City of London, thought up the original idea and founded the company after realising the health benefits of a short daytime nap. Paul Grindrod, having successfully owned and operated a string of hotels, pubs and restaurants over many years, saw in Jon’s design something with real potential for development and growth, and we decided to team up to bring pods to the world.

It takes real perseverance to successfully start up a brand new business with a brand new product for which there was initially no known market, but a couple of years down the road things are very different and pods are becoming increasingly accepted in various applications – in offices, hostels, data centres, airports and for festivals amongst others, and in several countries – in the UK, the US, Russia, France and Switzerland with China, India and other European countries in the pipeline.

paul grindrodAmongst many varied projects we have a ‘Podtel’ scheme in Moscow which addresses the shortage of budget accommodation in the region by using stacked pods to create individual spaces of privacy and security in quite a small area. Along similar lines is a hostel in North America featuring our new double bunk pods, which are a major improvement on the basic traditional and style-free metal bunks which have been used for decades. And in the Middle East we have interest from a national airport operator and an international healthcare provider. Of course many corporate companies still use our pods for their original purpose – a place for their staff to quickly re-charge the batteries.

Even with distributors already in New York and Moscow, and more in negotiation, the Podtime team are quite sure that we have as yet barely penetrated the markets available to us. For instance we know beyond doubt that every major airport in the world will offer some form of rest pod to travellers in the next twenty years. Our aim is to make sure they are Podtime pods.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Podtime distributor then just contact us.