About Us

Jon Gray

Podtime was started with two aims; to improve wellness in the work environment though napping and rest, and to provide comfortable overnight hostel accommodation – both possible using a modular ‘Pod’ system. Rest. Easy.

Jon Gray, a Design Engineer with a City background, founded Podtime a few years ago, and soon after joined forces with Paul Grindrod, an experienced businessman specialising in hotels and leisure. Together they built the company up from an initial rental operation, subsequently changed over to manufacture and sales, and now there are pods in 11 countries including the US, Russia, China and even in a helicopter base in Antarctica.

The company has a glittering corporate client list which includes office rest/sleep pods in such international companies Facebook, Nestle, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline. For these applications our ‘Standard Sleep Pods’ are typically the model of choice.

paul grindrodIn terms of overnight accommodation we have a number of major hostel projects, from London to Moscow. These projects typically favour our ‘Bunk Pod’ models as a modern improvement on the traditional bunk bed.

Some other innovative pod applications have included the London Olympic Village, educational institutions such as Texas A&M University; and even sports clients such as Sydney Swans AFL team which use pods for rest and recovery between training sessions.

All of our pods are made by our dedicated manufacturing team in the UK, they are all flat-pack for ease of delivery and are quickly assembled from the comprehensive instructions provided.

We’re happy to give our help and advice because we are by now very experienced in different types of installation and usage, from office pods to large international hostels. We’re always interested to see what kind of projects are around the corner and we’re also open to talk with potential new distributors and may consider joint ventures and similar commercial approaches.